Meet The Dauntless In EXCLUSIVE ‘Divergent Movie’ Set Visit

Listen up, Initiates! The “Divergent Movie” train is leaving the station, and we hope you’ll hop aboard with us for the ride. MTV News’ intrepid movie guy Josh Horowitz visited the dystopian drama’s Chicago set recently, where he chatted up stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James and author Veronica Roth. And here, today, we have your first look at that interview!

The highlights? Well, Shailene can’t seem to say enough nice things about her co-star Theo, which bodes well for the budding romance their characters share in the Veronica Roth adaptation.

“I really love Theo,” Shailene enthused, right before Theo crashed the interview. “He has a lot to offer as far as a person. He’s just a good human being. He’s very pure.”

“The chemistry is pivotal but also needs to be natural and real, and I think that’s something we stumbled upon quite easily,” Theo confirmed. “It was just there.”

divergent movie set

Exclusive ‘Divergent Movie’ Set

Shailene and Theo aren’t the only Dauntless members represented here: Zoe Kravitz (Christina) and Miles Teller (Peter) also share some insight into the upcoming film, so be sure to click on the video above to watch our entire “Divergent Movie” set visit!

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On set of ‘Divergent Movie,’ Kate Winslet is pregnant and mean

divergent movie kate winslet

As Kate Winslet descends the stairs in the Hall of Choosing during a scene from the action-adventure tale Divergent Movie, she carries a slim briefcase in front of her, which has multiple uses.

Given that she’s wearing a sharp, lab-coat-inspired executive suit, the accessory further projects the image of a true leader as Winslet’s character serenely inspects the assembled masses.

As soon as director Neil Burger yells “cut!,” Winslet employs the container for another use — as a fan on the stifling set of Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist, which has broken air conditioners. As she flaps, she reveals that the case also disguises a baby bump — she announced in early June that she’s having her third child, the first with husband Ned Rocknroll.

“I’m holding up fine. I’m pregnant, but it’s not at the point where it becomes impossible,” says Winslet, 37, relaxing at a conference table with bags of nearly melted ice on her feet. “Sometimes you just have to roll with it.”

That’s just what Kate Winslet does in the pivotal role of Jeanine Matthews in the movie adaptation (out March 21) of the first novel in Veronica Roth’s best-selling Divergent trilogy.

Jeanine is the protector of a futuristic dystopian society based in Chicago, in which the population is divided into five factions. As the leader of the Erudite, or intelligent group, Jeanine is also the story’s antagonist.

Winslet’s character adopts a positively chilly demeanor when she meets hero Tris Prior (The Descendants’ Shailene Woodley) and her family in a scene depicting the day Tris will choose her faction.

“That’s the whole point of Jeanine,” Winslet says. “She walks down the corridor and sort of just leaves this vapor trail. I knew I had to bring that intimidation.”

The role gives the Oscar winner (best actress for 2008′s The Reader) the opportunity to play her first screen villain.

“I’m no idiot. The idea went through my head that I have never played a baddie before,” she says. “I was almost kind of surprised.”

The pregnancy helped maintain the intimidation factor, since Winslet came into the shoot late. She used that distance from her co-stars to her advantage by keeping herself slightly aloof initially.

“I wanted to break it and say, ‘It’s OK, I’m really fun. I promise.’ ” she says. “But I thought, just for today, I’d let them think that I am a complete bitch.”

Burger says Winslet is game for every aspect of the shoot, even volunteering to perform a small fall in her character’s fight scene. (He used a stunt double.) Wardrobe changes were needed to accommodate the pregnancy, and Winslet’s time on set is closely managed.

“Obviously, we have to be careful, and the way we shoot her changes things,” Burger says. “But there’s a way to do it so we stay off the fact she is pregnant.”

Even the die-hard fans of the series, who have nitpicked about things such as Woodley’s hair color, have been “exploding with joy” with the news of Winslet’s casting, Roth says. Watching from the monitor, Roth feels Winslet even exceeds the hype.

“Kate has gone with a very subtle, even well-meaning villain. She’s not a mustache-twirling Disney type,” she says. “She brings the menace in a very quiet way.”

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Comic-Con: Lionsgate Shows Off ‘Divergent Movie’

Comic-Con Divergent Movie

Lionsgate gave the first glimpse of its Hunger Games-like franchise hopeful, Divergent Movie, based on the best-seller Veronica Roth books.

Roth was in attendance, as was director Neil Burger and stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James, two actors who could find their careers in new heights after this release.
Lionsgate eventually brought out 11 actors, Maggie Q, Zoe Kravitz and Miles Teller among them, for what became a very populous panel.

The movie just wrapped two days ago but the filmmakers cut together a sequence that saw Shailene Woodley as heroine Triss boarding a train with other young people who want to be part of the Dauntless faction, that dystopian world’s group who see themselves as brave. The sequence’s dramatic high point was Woodley, in an attempt to prove her fearlessness, jumping off a roof of an abandoned warehouse into the darkness of the crumbled remains of a roof stories below.
Bravery was a running theme throughout the panel, as many of the actors of actors brought it up in relation to their own beliefs.
“Bravery is not being fearless, it’s how you deal with things that are scary and how you act in the face of fear,” said James. “Everyone gets scared and how you face it defines you as a person.”
Woodley talked of some of the high points of shooting, mentioning a scene that saw her crowd surf as part of her character’s initiation into the Dauntless faction.

“How often do you get to crowd surf for 45 minutes … in a controlled environment?” she said, making fun of the prolonged shoot the scene required.
Roth, meanwhile, said because she had written the first book of the trilogy several years ago, she had forgotten some of the story’s details. Being on the set caused her to revisit many of them.
“I remember being surprised of the water tanks,” she said, mentioning a particular sequence. “I forgot that part and when I got on set, I saw the actual water and tanks and Shailene actually swimming in it. I was like, Oh. My. God.”

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Shailene Woodley on Tris in ‘Divergent Movie’: ‘She’s not Katniss’

Divergent movie Tris Prior

Shailene Woodley is well on her way to the top of Hollywood’s A-list: the actress, 21, has already completed work for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise and snagged the lead in the eagerly awaited adaptation of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. However, she tells Entertainment Weekly, she almost didn’t take on the role of heroine Tris Prior in Divergent Movie. “My agents were like, ‘Are you f—ing crazy?’ But I said if this movie is successful, things will change and I don’t want that.”

But after numerous discussions with confidents such as her mother and her Descendants director, Alexander Payne, she decided to take the plunge. “What I like about Tris is that she’s isn’t perfect. She’s not a superhero—she’s not Katniss. She doesn’t know how to shoot a bow and arrow, she’s not a badass by nature.”

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First footage of ‘Divergent Movie’ to be shown at Comic-Con

Divergent Movie Comic-Con

Attention all you Divergent Movie fans! The movie may still be shooting in Chicago, but if you are lucky enough to be in San Diego during this year’s Comic-Con, you’ll get to see the first bit of footage ever shown from the film.

On Thursday, July 18, cast members from the movie—including Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Miles Teller, Maggie Q, Ansel Elgort, Mekhi Phifer, Ben Lamb, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, and Christian Madsen—will all be in the ginormous Hall H for a panel that will include Veronica Roth and director Neil Burger.

And if you can’t make it into the hall, Summit Entertainment will have a booth set up on the convention floor that will have exclusive promotional items to distribute and cast members to sign autographs.

The Divergent Movie will be released domestically on March 21, 2014.


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10 new images from the set of “Divergent Movie” starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James

Divergent Movie

Lionsgate has released 10 new images from the set of “Divergent Movie,” starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James.

The movie stills also include shots of Zoe Kravitz, Maggie Q and Jai Courtney.  “Divergent Movie” is set to be released next March 21

The Neil Burger pic is an adaptation of the first novel of Veronica Roth’s trilogy about a post-apocalyptic Chicago. Vanessa Taylor wrote the screenplay.

divergent_woodley_05   DIVERGENT   divergent_04

Lionsgate has noted that the release date is the same slot used last year for the release of  its mega-hit “The Hunger Games.”

Story centers on a society divided into five factions, each dedicated to a particular virtue — Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity and Erudite — with all 16-year-olds required on a particular day to select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives.

divergent1   divergent_woodley2

divergent_woodley3   divergent_woodley_06

divergent_woodley4   divergent_woodley5

“Divergent Movie” is set to hit theaters March 21, 2014.

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New ‘Divergent Movie’ photo! First picture of Theo James as Four

Theo James in Divergent Movie: First Photo

Attention all you Four fans: here’s an exclusive reveal of Theo James as Tobias “Four” Eaton, the mysterious–and rather dreamy–Dauntless leader that takes a special interest in Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley).

For those of you who haven’t read the Veronica Roth books, Divergent takes place in a dystopian future where all of society is divided into five factions: Amity (peaceful), Abnegation (selfless); Candor (honest, Erudite (intelligent); a nd Dauntless (brave). Our heroine, sixteen-year-old Tris, chooses the Dauntless faction.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Theo James while he was on a break from shooting Divergent Movie in Chicago where the production will continue until mid-July.  ”Is this the picture where I have a t-shirt on and no pants? I was really hoping they’d use that one,” James jokes, before explaining that this picture (note: he is wearing pants) captures a moment from early in the movie when Four is showing the Dauntless initiates around their new headquarters. “I’ve introduced them to this world and they’re still in the beginning stages of training,” he says. “At this stage you don’t really know what Four is all about.”

Theo James Four

James got a taste for leadership when much of the cast participated in a kind of boot camp before filming. James was even given the opportunity to take charge of the Dauntless training, leading the 50 or so actors that make up the core group of background Dauntless characters. “They didn’t know he was playing Four, they thought he was our stunt coordinator,” says director Neil Burger, with a laugh. “He put them through it.”

Says James, “I know it sounds ridiculous but it was really quite useful: it helped set a tone for those scenes, being able to live the character a bit.  At one point, Shailene was laughing and I got real serious with her and said”—the actor lowers his voice to a menacing whisper—”Don’t. Laugh.”  He laughs. “Shai was like, ‘um, are you joking right now?’”

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Divergent Movie: Let’s Pick Our Dream Cast!

by Kate Spencer

Divergent Movie may be the most anticipated book-to-movie adaptation since The Hunger Games got its turn last year. With a release date of March 21, 2014, announced yesterday and rumors that Limitless director Neil Bruger is attached to the project, all we need now are a couple of pretty faces to obsess over. The roles of 16-year-old Tris Prior and her love interest, Tobias (Four), are sure to be a big get for any actor and we already have a few favorites already in mind. So does Twitter, where people are constantly proclaiming their love for certain stars they see fit for the leads. Let’s discuss some of our favorites here at VH1 Celeb headquarters, and then we want you to tell us who you envision getting their Dauntless on on the big movie screen.

Taissa Farmiga is my number one pick to play Tris Prior, and I even have the author’s approval on this one. Veronica Roth once replied to my tweet about Taissa as Tris with “ooh. She’s spot on, looks wise.” Not only does she completely embody Tris physically, but her raw and vulnerable performance on American Horror Story proves she’s got the acting chops, too. Our friend and NextMovie editor Breanne Heldman loves Molly Quinn, telling Hollywood Crush, “Molly has a sass and intelligence that’s also so totally Tris Prior.” Castle fans, do you agree?

While I’ve struggled trying to find a Four I like (Skins cutie Luke Pasqualino comes closest for me, for now), VH1 Celebrity editor Sabrina Rojas Weiss is rooting for Pretty Little Liars’ Tyler Blackburn. And hello — how perfect of a Tobias (Four) would he be?!?! Brooding, handsome, chiseled … we like this one, for sure.

On Twitter, fans have been very vocal about Taissa (high fives), as well as Max Irons and Colton Haynes for Tobias (Four). While we think the delectable Max Irons is probably out of the running due to his role in The Host (opposite Saoirse Ronan, who’d also make a perfect Tris), we’re curious about Colton, who is incredibly hunky on Teen Wolf. We’ve got them, and other interesting contenders (and all your tweeted suggestions!), in our gallery below.

Source: vh1

Who do you imagine as Tris Prior and Tobias (Four)? Write in other nominees in the comments!

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‘Divergent’ Movie: Who Should Play Tris Prior?

The Dauntless train is slowly (but surely) pulling away from the station.

To be sure, progress on the big-screen movie adaptation of Veronica Roth’s dazzling dystopian tome “Divergent” has been anything but speeding-locomotive fast. Since the movie rights were purchased by Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment in March 2011, the only concrete news has been the appointment of screenwriter Evan Daugherty (though rumor has it that “Limitless” helmer Neil Burger is in talks to direct). Well, that all changed when Summit Entertainment announced that a release date has been set for the movie. Mark your calendars for March 21, 2014!

For the uninitiated, “Divergent Movie” is set in a near-future Chicago, where society has been split into five different factions dedicated to the cultivation of a specific virtue. All 16-year-olds must pledge allegiance to a faction. Readers meet Beatrice “Tris” Prior during the lead up to her big decision—one which will change the course of her life and many others.

With a release date set, we couldn’t help but wonder which pretty young thing in Hollywood will be pegged to play our heroine Tris Prior and become the next big thing in YA movie adaptations (a la Jennifer Lawrence). As such, I assembled my fellow MTV YA Book Club members (yes, this exists) to gather their picks, which include a vampire, a fashionista, a dutiful daughter and a ghost. Check ‘em out after the jump!

AnnaSophia Robb

I’m pulling for AnnaSophia Robb. Physically, she’s just about perfect for it: She’s Tris-sized at 5’2″, and pretty enough that we’ll be happy to watch her for a few hours on a big screen—but quirky enough that we’ll buy her as a character who self-identifies as “not beautiful.” And since AnnaSophia is basically exploding right now, with a few high-profile parts (including Carrie Bradshaw herself in “SATC” prequel “The Carrie Diaries”), it’d be nice to give “Divergent film” a marketing boost with a newly minted big name. —Brooke Tarnoff, NextMovie

Candice Accola

While playing cheerleader-turned-”Vampire Barbie” Caroline Forbes on “The Vampire Diaries,” Candice Accola has had to convey the three very qualities that make Tris “Divergent”: She’s brave, warmhearted and smart as hell. It’ll be hard to make her look like a properly modest Abnegation girl at first, but that’s part of why she broke out of her family’s faction in the first place, right? “TVD” is way campier than “Divergent” should be, but I’m eager to see Candice rise to the task. —Sabrina Rojas Weiss, VH1 Celebrity

Molly Quinn

Molly Quinn is my Tris. OK, so I’m still a little bitter that she didn’t get the role of Clary Fray in “The Mortal Instruments”—Lily Collins is great though, so that cushions the blow—but I’m so ready for this supporting player on TV’s “Castle” to have a major breakout on the big screen. On the show, Molly brings impressive depth to a small role, giving Alexis an uncanny mix of vulnerability and strength: two big qualities our Tris must possess. Off camera, Molly has a sass and intelligence that’s also so totally Tris.

Looking at casting for these big YA franchises recently, I know actors who live on TV rarely get the big leads, presumably for the scheduling difficulties doing both may create. But Molly’s role on “Castle” is small and hiatuses are easy given that her character is going to college, so boom! Summit, hear me out. —Breanne Heldman, NextMovie

Taissa Farmiga

I snuggled into Hollywood Crush’s Casting Couch more than a year ago to reveal my picks for tough-as-nails Tris… but that was before Taissa Farmiga gave us all the goosebumps on FX’s “American Horror Story.” As troubled teen Violet, Taissa delivered the kind of deeply nuanced performance you’d expect from an actor two or three times her age. (Plus, did we mention she’s kind of a dead ringer for author Veronica’s physical description of Tris?) No longer just Vera’s kid sister, “AHS” earned Taissa a legion of fans eager to see her hop the train as Tris. Including me. —Amy Wilkinson, Hollywood Crush

[Source: mtv]

Who do you want to see as Tris Prior in “Divergent Movie”? Tell us in the comments!

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Divergent Movie Release Date Revealed

Divergent Movie Release Date: March 21, 2014

Lionsgate’s Summit Entertainment announced today that the filmed adaptation of the young adult adventure novel Divergent Movie will open wide in North America on March 21, 2014. So far, it has the release date all to itself (it’s sandwiched between Fox’s Me And My Shadow on March 14, 2014 and Paramount’s Noah on March 28). The book was written by 23-year-old author Veronica Roth and has topped the New York Times Best Sellers list since it was published in May 2011 by Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins Publishers.

Divergent Movie is set in a future where America is divided into five ideological factions to stabilize society and uphold peace. Every citizen must choose a permanent faction at age 16 – either their own or another. The story focuses on Beatrice Prior, who is struggling to survive her initiation into the most aggressive and physically demanding of the factions. Evan Daugherty is penning the screenplay along with a yet-to-be-announced filmmaker. Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher will produce under their Red Wagon Entertainment banner, along with Pouya Shahbazian.

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